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Dinner Seating Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Limited Seating

Text Reservation Requests (225) 333-7533

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Maison Lacour Dining Room

Since 1986

Maison Lacour French Restaurant, open since 1986 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Eva Jetty Owner Maison Lacour
Chef Michael Jetty Owner Maison Lacour

A cozy little cottage nestled in a park-like setting.

While offering traditional French cuisine, Chef Michael Jetty prepares an exciting selection of veal, beef, fowl, lamb, fish and seafood including an abundance of South Louisiana ingredients.  Our homemade French bread compliments these dishes which also include a salad served with our delightful vinaigrette.

Many customers can’t leave without a bottle of our house dressing!


The wine list we offer includes a variety, mostly from France and California. 

A service bar offers cocktails.  Desserts are a crowning touch, and guests say the experience is magnifique.


Our dining rooms are decorated cheerfully with a mix of Parisian and Southern French style. Tables are set with white tablecloths and rush-seated ladder-back chairs. Our homey ambiance is both unpretentious and inviting, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Proper casual attire is welcome and we recommend reservations to let us plan a successful evening. 


Merci et Bon Appétit!

Eva and Chef Michael Jetty

About Us
Chef Michael Jetty Maison Lacour

Chef Michael Jetty

Chef Michael Jetty began his career as a disciplined chef in 1991. 

He started with an apprenticeship at Maison Lacour studying under Chef Jacqueline Greaud.  It is here that he immersed himself in cooking and creating, and he began to develop his culinary talent. 
   Soon after starting his apprenticeship, he and Eva, the hostess of the restaurant and also John and Jackie Greaud’s daughter, began dating, fell in love, and married. 
    The two of them now work together to orchestrate the beautiful tradition started by the Greauds.  Their ideals of food and dining as an experience much more than sustenance have become a vital thread keeping Maison Lacour thriving.
    Chef Jetty clearly illustrates through the traditional style of the dishes that he believes the secret to this experience is letting the ingredients speak for themselves through correct preparation of the dishes.  Very simple, straightforward and beautiful.
    Together Chef Jetty & his wife Eva have kept the traditions of French cuisine and family heritage alive at Maison Lacour while adding their own touches. 
The result is an exquisite dining experience tucked away in Baton Rouge. 

Michael & Eva Jetty Maison Lacour
Maison Lacour French Restaurant
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