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Dinner Seating Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Limited Seating

Text Reservation Requests (225) 333-7533

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Entrées served with house salad and vegetables
*Menu Items Subject to Availability

~Les Hors d’Oeuvres~

Pâté Maison 
Pâté of the day
$ 12

Crâb Bouchée
Crab meat topped with Hollandaise sauce in pastry
$ 17

Baked in garlic butter sauce and diced mushrooms
$ 17

~Les Soupes~

Soupe Jacqueline
Velouté of brie cheese with lump crab and asparagus
$ 13

Bisque a l’Orange
Creamy crawfish bisque lightly scented with orange
$ 13

Soupe St. Tropez
Rich seafood broth with lump crab and shrimp
$ 13

~Les Poissons et Crustacés~

Flounder En Papillote
Flounder filet with crab & light cream sauce baked in parchment
$ 36

Saumon Grillé
Broiled salmon filet with three mustard sauce
$ 35

Crâbe à la Royale
Baked lump crab in sauce of cream, white wine and shallots
$ 37

Crevettes Baton Rouge
Shrimp in spicy cream sauce over angel hair pasta
$ 35

Seafood Crêpe
Lump crab, shrimp and asparagus with a white wine cream sauce
$ 34

~Les Gibiers~

Canard du Chef
Breast of duck marinated, broiled and served sliced, Raspberry sauce
$ 47

Two quail stuffed with pork and wild mushrooms; baked, Madeira sauce
$ 41

~Le Veau~

Thin slices of veal sautéed and served with lemon butter sauce on the side
$ 40

Poached in white wine, cream, cognac & assorted mushrooms
$ 41

Côte de Veau
Veal chop, cognac flambé and sautéed with cream & mushrooms
$ 48

~L’ Agneau~

Carré d’Agneau
New Zealand rack of lamb rolled in herbs de Provence and roasted, sliced into chops. Choice of three mustard sauce or horseradish cream sauce.
$ 47

~Le Boeuf~

(we serve Beef Tenderloin in all of our beef dishes )

Filet Beurre Rouge
Grilled filet topped with crawfish tails in a spicy red butter sauce
$ 48

Filet Grillé
Served with béarnaise sauce
6oz $ 40    8oz $ 45    10oz $ 50

Fee for split entrée

Bon Appétit!



*Menu Items Subject to Availability

~Special Desserts~

The Clam
Fresh baked puff pastry in the shape of a clam.
Vanilla ice cream and raspberries and served atop a raspberry sauce
$ 11

Crème Catalane
Maison Lacour crème brûlée
$ 11

~Regular Desserts~

Mousse au Chocolat
$ 9

Maison Chocolate Cake
very dense, rich, & chocolate!
$ 11

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
with whiskey butterscotch sauce
$ 9

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